• Apr 11, 2014
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Technology + Nature = Innovia Carpet

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If you haven’t shopped for carpet in a while, you’ll probably be surprised by all the options that are available. Different fibers, textures and manufacturing processes create a wide option of carpets that fit every lifestyle.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep nature in mind, but not willing to give up the best in performance, Carpet One Floor & Home’s Innovia carpet could be just what you’re looking for.

Innovia carpet is made partially from renewable resources – lowering the environmental impact. The blend of natural-based fibers with advanced technology helps repel liquids and spills.

Best of all, Innovia carpets are super soft. That “take your shoes off and squish your feet into it” soft! There’s also an Innovia Touch line which includes the softest carpets.

With Innovia and Innovia Touch, you really can have it all – keep nature in mind, get super-soft, stain-resistant carpets and did we mention, the styles are gorgeous!

Check out some of our favorite Innovia looks and learn more about new carpet in our Innovia line by visiting Carpet One Floor & Home.

innovia carpet reviewsHigh Praise is part of the Innovia Touch line.

innovia carpet reviewsSalud is part of the Innovia Touch line.

innovia carpet reviewsGuest List is part of the Innovia Touch line.

innovia carpet reviewsHereford I is part of the Innovia line.

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